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BPL/WS/01: Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Electromagnetic Flow Meters, Clamp on  Ultrasonic Flow Meters and Bulk Consumer Meters.

•         13 Nos. Electromagnetic Meters at Raw Water and Clear Water Pumping Stations

•         2 Nos. Portable Ultra sonic clamp on type Meters

•         Meter reading and Maintenance for 2 years

•         Training to BMC staff

BPL/WS/02 : Rehabilitation of existing Raw Water Pumping Stations, Clear Water Pumping          Stations, replacement of Rising Mains around Upper Lake.

•         Rehabilitation of Yacht Club-I, Yacht Club-II, Karbala, Bairagarh, Kamla Park Raw Water  Pumping Stations including all civil, mechanical and  electrical works.

•         Rehabilitation of Shyamla 2.0 MGD, Bairagarh Clear Water Pumping Stations including all civil, mechanical and  electrical works.

•         Replacement of raw Water pumping main for Arera WTP and BHEL WTP.

BPL/WS/03 : Rehabilitation of  7 Water  Treatment Plants around Upper Lake. 

  • Rehabilitation of Shyamala 4.5 MGD, Shyamala 2.0 MGD, Bairagarh 1.0 MGD, Idgah 3.0 MGD, Arera 5.0 MGD, Badal Mahal 1.0 MGD, Pulphukta 3 MGD WTP including all civil, mechanical and  electrical works.

BPL/WS/04 : UFW reduction in a Pilot Area (Koh-E-Fiza).

•         Bulk metering and consumer metering in Pilot Area (about 2500 connections).

•         Leak Detection and Repairs. (Acceptable limit 15lits/connection/hour).

•         Repairs replacement of below 100 mm dia pipe lines.

•         Replacement of service connections.

BPL/WS/05 : Leak detection and rectification in pipelines of 300 mm diameter and above

•         Repairs of all visible leakages.

•         Detection of hidden leaks using leak detection equipments.

•         Repair of detected leaks.

•         Training to BMC staff.

BPL/WS/06 : Supply, laying and testing of  distribution & feeder man mains of 100-450 mm dia. App. 80  Km.

•         Rehabilitation  of distribution system and expansion in Gandhi Nagar, Vijay Nagar, One Tree Hills.

•         NehruNagar and CTO areas in ward 1, 2, 3, 4.

BPL/WS/07 : Supply, laying and testing of  distribution & feeder man mains of 100-450 mm dia. App.  80 Km.

•     Rehabilitation  of distribution system and expansion in Harshwardhan Nagar, Nehru Nagar, Kotra Sultanabad, Aradhana Nagar, Ambedkar Nagar, Sudama Nagar, Chitragupt Nagar, Vaishali Nagar, Dwarkapuri, Kotra Govt. Qtrs., Naya Basera.

•         Rehabilitation  of distribution system in 1100 qtrs., E-5, E-6, E-7 Arera and Shahpura   Chaoni Areas.

WS-08 : Supply, laying and testing of  distribution & feeder man mains of 100-450 mm dia. App.  80 Km.

•         Rehabilitation  of distribution system in Ward 23,24, 25 and Ashoka Garden areas.

•         Rehabilitation of Feeder main in Ward 36 and 37.

BPL/WS/09 : Construction of Service Reservoirs and  Sumps. 

•         Vijay Nagar  -ESR  -1.0 ML, Ambedkar Nagar   -ESR-2.25 ML.

•         Nehru Nagar -ESR-2.25 ML, Kotra Sultanabad- ESR - 2.25 ML.

BPL/WS/10 : Construction of following Service Reservoirs.

•         Kho e fiza  -ESR-  -1.0 ML,City Kotwali –ESR -3.0 ML.

•         Shahpura – ESR-2.0  ML,Professor Colony- ESR- 1.0 ML.

BPL/WS/11 : Transmission  mains.

•         DI Pipes 350 mm to 500 mm dia to feed New Service reservoirs (Approximate Length-13 Km.).

BPL/WS/12 : Bulk Consumer meters.

•          Mechanical Meters to Bulk Consumers.

•         1905 Nos. Mechanical meters for Bulk Consumers.

BPL/WS/13 : Rehabilitation of Clear Water Pumping Stations(Phase II) .

       Rehabilitation of Pullpukhta, Badal Mahal and Arera Clear Water Pumping Stations         including replacement of all pumping plants.


BPL/WW/01 : Sewer network in Gandhinagar, Mohali, Kotra zones. Augmentation of lateral.

•         Area : Ward no 4,5,6,9,23,25,26,19,31,37,43  and 44.

BPL/WW/02 –Lot-I : Laying sewers to prevent pollution of Upper Lake .

       Laying Sewer lines &  construction of main holes etc. in following areas:

•         Ward no. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 23, 26, 27, 28, 29, 31.

•         Koh-e- fiza, Ahemdabad housing board and BDA colony, NRI colony, 4 quarters etc to minimize pollution of Upper Lake through Sirin Nala.

•         Rajendra Nagar slum, Indra Nagar Slum, Bairagarh etc.

•         Kotra, Ginorri area etc.

•         Shahid Nagar, Garam Gadda, Fathegarh, Sadar Manzil, Medical Hostel etc.

•         Some areas of Shymla Hills, Nadir colony etc.

BPL/WW/02 Lot-II : Sewer System in Old Bhopal Area.

        Laying Sewer lines &  construction of main holes etc. in following areas:

•         Ward no. 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 24.

BPL/WW/04 : Additional works of Existing 25 Mld Sewage Treatment Plant at Maholi Dhamkheda.

•         Details –Construction of effluent channel and other allied works.

BPL/WW/05 : Sewage Pumping Station and Pumping main.

•         Details- Estimated Capacity 32 Mld.

•         Location-: Old Bhopal Area.

•         Pumping main -: 700 to 900 dia DI Pipe ,Length Approximately – 5 Kms.

BPL/WW/06 : Construction of Public  Toilets (25 Sets).

•         Type A : Each with 15 Seats  , Type B: Each with10 Seats.

PMU/WW/01 : Procurement of Sewer Suction cum Jetting, Suction and Jetting machine of various capacities.


BPL/SWM/03 : Development of two new Sanitary Landfill sites including all civil works and operation of landfill sites for one year.


•         Locations : Fatehpur Dobra, Adampur Chaoni.

•        Site infrastructures like entrance gate, watchman’s cabin, compound wall, approach road, weigh bridge record room, office building, green belt, toilet/washing facilities, fire protection system, leachate collection system, drains, including electrical works, water supply and sanitation works.

•         1 no. weigh bridge.

•         Area of land available at Fatehpura Dobra and Adampur Chaoni is 60.95 acres and 44 acres respectively.

BPL/SWM/01 : Supply of Dumper trucks, Bull dozers, Excavator cum loaders and front-end loaders for operation of Landfill sites.

BPL/SWM/02 : Supply of 1m3 containers, 4.5m3 containers, Refuge compactors and Dumper placers for secondary collection.

BPL/SWM/03 : Supply of containerized wheel Barrows, tricycle, for primary collection etc.





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