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                 The total cost of the Project is estimated at $275 million equivalent (including taxes and duties of $10.8 million equivalent), of which $ 66.0 million (24.0%) is foreign exchange including $14,4 million in interest during construction and other charges, and $ 209.0 million equivalent (76.0%) is local currency. Table below summarizes of the estimated costs.
         Financing Arrangements :
  • Funds assured by GOI through GOMP.
  • Required funds have been already allocated for the project.
  • BMC have reserved funds to meet their share.
  • Payments will be processed by the PIU and will be made from BMC Special account for the Project. All the payments will be made within the time stipulated in the contract document.
To meet the estimated project cost of $ 275 million equivalent,ADB will provide a loan of $181 million,UN-HABITAT will provide and administer parallel grant cofinancing of $0.5 million. The government of  M.P. will provide local currency financing of $45.9 million including a grant equivalent to 20% of the investment for the water supply scheme to Indore Corporation. The four cities will provide the remaining local currency cost of $ 47.6 million equivalent or 17.3% of the total project cost, as per following table :

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