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Project Management Unit City Steering Committee Empowered Committee
Project Director (PD) Divisional Commissioner Chief Secretary -  Chairman
Deputy Director - Urban Infrastructure & Services Mayor Principal Secretary - Finance
Deputy Director - Public Participation & Awareness Program Collector Principal Secretary -  Urban Administration & Development Department
Urban Planner Commissioner, Municipal Corporation Principal Secretary - Public Health Engineering
Financial Advisor & Municipal Finance Officers Leader of opposition, Municipal Corporation  
Community Development Officers Project Director or his representative Commissioner - Urban Administration & Development Department
Social and Gender Officer representative from Pollution Board Project Director - PMU (Member Secretary)
Environmental and Infrastructure Engineers Represe3ntative from Chamber of Commerce


Electrical/Mechanical Engineer Representative from PHED  
Procurement Officer A women actually involved in Social work of the City, to be nominated by the Chairman in the committee  
Environmental Officer

Project Implementation Unit (PIU) -Bhopal, Gwalior, Indore, Jabalpur

Municipal Finance Officer Project Manager (PM) Deputy Project Manager
Benefit, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer Accounts Officer Water Supply/Sewerage Engineers
Legal Officer Civil Engineer Procurement Officer
Training Coordinator Social/Community Development Officer  
Urban Governance Officer    
Management Information Officer    

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