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The Project Management Unit (PMU) based in the state Urban Administration and Development Department (UADD) and the Project Implementation Units (PIU) based in 4 cities are provided with necessary consulting services under the loan to strengthen their project management and implementation capability including engineering design and construction supervision.
M/s Louis Berger Group INC. in Association with : M/s Operations Research Group (Pvt) Ltd., India & M/s ICRA Advisory Services, India, is working as Project Management Consultant (PMC) group comprising of international and domestic firms is located in Bhopal to assist the PMU in project management activities including reviewing engineering designs, procurement, and implementation.
     In addition, a Domestic Benefit Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant (BMEC) firm is present to help the PMU in generating baseline data which will be monitored to assess impact of the project and providing guidance for mid course correction, if required, and assess benefits on commissioning of the project.M/s Infrastructure Professional (Pvt) Ltd.     is working as BME Consultant.
  Also a domestic Public Relation Consultant (PRC) firm is being employed by the PMU to make the public aware of the short-term inconveniences and long-term benefits of the project in order to gain full support of the beneficiaries for the project. Beneficiaries will also be made aware of preventive care to avoid environmental health-related hazards and of their responsibilities to avoid the wastage of water, including issues such as water rates, user charges and property tax reform etc. for achieving the goal of the project.
Two domestic Design and Supervision Consultant (DSC) firms are provided to assist each PIU in the project cities; one for the eastern region covering Bhopal, Gwalior and Jabalpur and the other for the western region covering Indore to undertake detailed engineering design, preparation of construction drawings, procurement activities, construction supervision, quality control, community awareness and the MAPP process.
The Consultants are:

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